Wondra Fine Art

"Witness style through the eyes of the artist."

The chronology of the Collections makes it easy to click forward and backward in time to get an idea of what life was like in a particular time and place.  Connecting the dots backwards, it is possible to get a feel for each city.  By scrolling through the paintings in the Collections, anyone can witness the development and recession of style through the eyes of the artist.  In Texas, the original painting came to life in "Im Running "Away."   In Mexico,  "Kristen" was the first time, unanimously, people recognized art imitating life in a portrait Wondra did not mean to paint.  Even the purple bruise on the leg of the figure was true to life.  In Washington, D.C., the concept of "luxury time" made a second entrance into a number of paintings.  The original painting "Swig" from Texas made a similar appearance, but larger,  depicting the faces of  people whom Wondra would soon meet in London.   Present day London picks up on more scenery inspired from the luxury and implausible fashion that exists all around the city, but namely, Shoreditch.  The best part of these images run the gamut from a sporty volleyball scene to a snowy corner gridlocked with black cabs and double-decker buses in "Harrod's in the Snow".  With the high frequency of recurring images and messages over the years, of all the pieces, which is your favorite?


"The answer says a lot about you."


The variety of wrappers and skins we use to cloak ourselves is infinite.   All day everyday we are faced with ways to fill in the blanks, express an attitude and send a message to onlookers by the choice of our own outward packaging.  One constant theme that dominates across the spectrum of cities depicted in the Collections is certain bravery and generosity of the many people who exist in the world  reaching out and finding common ground.


To what extent can we, the patrons of this modern day society, inspire hope in dark places?  It is a small world, afterall.  What you think, what you say and what you do is not irrelevant to the big picture because you can pick up the baton, run with it and make your own story your life and your life your own story.  That's the privilege and burden we all have in common on this planet.  The crux of the situation lies in whether or not you have the strength to make a choice and act on it.


"History is constantly repeating itself."


The idea that people can reinvent themselves is not as farfetched as the storylines behind classic movies such as "Can't Buy Me Love" and "Clueless."  It's tragic the way time defies logic, but if change is the only thing that cannot be avoided, then what effect does reinvention or makeover have on preferences, tastes and opinions that the viewer has from the inside out? Can a person become more attractive by surrounding his or herself with attractive things?  


What attracts a person to vanilla over chocolate is a mystery no one can explain, but it's fascinating to distinguish and be distinguished by taste and habit.  It's the root of expressing and appreciating diversity in our civilization.


"Go with your gut. Stick to your guns. Stay true to yourself. Follow your heart."


If there are thousands of words to say the same thing and a picture says a thousand words,  when one of these paintings strikes a chord inside, then how special are you?


"You do the math."