Wondra Fine Art

The paintings take on lives in the imaginations of their new owners, each with a new meaning, a theme, a background, a raison d'etre. Thus is spread one chinese whisper to another, a feeling or experience that you recognize. But, who knows? Maybe one of these pictures is of you.

"I'm not greedy with my books or paintings." Wondra winces back on a slap remark she received from a Houston book store owner who met her toe to toe in a bargain showdown, staring her dead in the eye in a haggle over a priceless Alice and Wonderland bookset strung with gold binding.

"I found it inconceivable why anyone would want to sell this bookset, such a fine thing to be treasured and doubled over in love for. When I lived in Mexico, the Spanish version of Alice in Wonderland helped me break brick-like barriers with my professors through the usage of this courtly, fancy Spanish in lines memorized straight from the book. My colleagues and friends separated into camps of either horrified or amused, but performing Spanish in front of Mexican PhD candidates everyday was an eye opening experience about saying what's on your mind, on the spot, without capitulating to anyone or anything. The same exercise goes on when I paint. To read and have the full set of Alice in English was like a piece in the puzzle of my life, a way for me to read and confirm the best part of what I had said. It enhanced my understanding of what I had claimed to be all about when I was a student and an artist in Mexico. "