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Bohemians & Gangsters

Lauren Jay Wondra, aka the "Girly Picasso" talks about the inspiration behind her latest street-edge collection, "Bohemians & Gangsters" and its antithesis collection, "The Silent Watcher."


"The B&G collection will explore the concept of liberty, a trait strongly engrained in the psyche of both Bohemians and Gangsters.  To reveal their world in my art is to explain deep-seated fears and emotions related to freedom."


"I love gangster movies and the hats- the lowered fedora, the classic bowler.  Come winter, I'll be scouting photoshoots of the Mayfair Mafia- and trying to figure out the scoop!"


"Common Ground is a theme being tossed around behind the scenes at the London Biennial and I'm working with it to celebrate the ways of listening and learning without speaking- the Czech Bohemian way (I'm half)."


"Gangsters also stick close together- In sicily, they call artichokes "little gangsters" because the leaves bunch together at the choke.  


"I'm trying to meditate on silence and non-action, seeing as how we know now that matter is made of actually no-thing and everything at the same time. It's nice to celebrate this "no-thingness."


"This will be another opportunity to paint live for a crowd and really flaunt up the angular dimension of each piece whilst lavishing it very specifically with just the right amount of street edge to temper down the jewel-tone colours."

Lauren's Gangster Lean at the

Serpentine Gallery Future Contemporaries Party!