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The Collections cascade downward chronologically with Texas displaying the earliest works onward and upward to the present.


"I made my own latter and clambered after the ideas I perceived to show success...at each particular time in my life. "


"I moved to London in July of 2007, just in time for the economic collapse."  


Before London, Lauren Jay Wondra studied a Masters abroad in Mexico before packing her bags in 2005 for Washington, D.C. to room with a friend in the CIA, where she surprisingly met and collaborated with some of the finest undercover agents and lawyers on Capitol Hill. In 2006, three significant pieces of her Mexican collection sold internationally at auction along Embassy Row for Metro Teen Aids.


Her wild use of colour and "Girly Cubism" style is hard to ignore. Vibrant and uninhibited, innocent, simple....but very very fun!


"It leaves room in the symmetry of each painting for memory to seep in and grab at the viewer's imagination.  That's the experience and it's oftentimes incredibly surprising what different people see. "


"These are all hallmarks to the time as it was in each particular place."

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