Wondra Fine Art

Meet the 'Girly Picasso'

Lauren Jay Wondra is a world reknowned and highly acclaimed London-based artist with a loyal international fanbase.  Dubbed the "Girly Picasso," Lauren Jay Wondra is a dynamic cubist artist, movie director & songwriter based in London, UK.  This year, Lauren's work will tour around the globe as she prepares for live painting performances at the 2015 Cannes, Sundance, Toronto & Marfa Film Festivals.  


Rising far above London’s contemporary underground art scene, her art is currently exhibiting around the world through recognition of making the list of 2014 Contemporary Masters and the 2013 Important World Artist publication.  Lauren is the headline artist for a number of public and private art shows in both Europe and the US signed with Global Art Agency after being inducted as a 2012 International Escapist Member. Her post-modern Girly Cubism art has gone under the hammer at auction online with Artgallery.co.uk and live auctions by Christie's and Sotheby's- donating paintings in her ongoing contribution to various charitible and important causes.


Her vast and dazzling repertoire has earned her a glamorous international membership within the “Escapism” art movement, where she enjoys critical acclaim from a significant devoted fanbase, most notably famous in Algeria, Egypt, Indonesia and Kazakhstan and also in the US, UK, Europe, UAE, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Europe, Japan, China, Saudi Arabia and India. She exhibits around the world with Saatchi Gallery London, Global Art Agency, Pall Mall Galleria, the Eiffel Tower, Venice & Palermo Biennale, Spectrum Miami & SEE ME NYC.   Several times per year, Lauren speed-paints live at various VIP privately-curated shows held at luxury hotels like Claridge's and Soho House clubs worldwide.



Lauren's work combines the cubist form of Pablo Picasso with the bold and vivacious colour schemes typical of Henri Matisse. This wild combination boasts her love of retro styling and passion for all things capricious and whimsical.  Her approach stays true to her interpretation of life: playful rebellion in a world where conformity is king.


Owning an original Wondra painting transforms a wall into a stirring conversation piece, a story that captures optimism unspoiled- the youthful, unfiltered delight in discovering life's luxurious, simple pleasures.  Enjoy responsibly!